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Wallride skateboards logo-03.png
Wallride skateboards logo-03.png
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Wallride skateboards logo-04.png

We laugh, we cry, we fall, we rise, we bleed, we believe,

there is no pleasure without pain,

there is no darkness of dusk without the light of dawn,

there is no rose without its thorns

Wallride skateboards logo-04.png

About Us

Based out of The City of Nawabs, comes a Skateboard company that exemplifies Quality, Design and Culture.

Wallride Skateboards comes to you from the minds and experiences of Skateboarders from Hyderabad, from the raw street spots of Lakdikapul to the smooth concrete of Wallride Park, Wallride Skateboards was formed with the vision to tackle it all.

For those who seek quality, we are your Holy Grail.